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[Pinned] Recruitment: Current Needs

Updated 3/20:Nothing in particular. Any exceptional applications will be taken in preparation for 2.0. Updated 3/1:We're currently looking for a Shadow that is capable of playing at a competitive level in ranked warzones. We're not looking for s...
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[Pinned] Recruitment Information

Please visit this thread for our current recruitment needs: Current NeedsINFORMATION:The core members of our guild are Harbinger originals. The foundation of the guild began in Afflicted, which dissolved and became Deadweight. After an influx of...
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MirialanJedi ShadowLevel 43Hello there recruitment people,This guild is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. My friend, from another guild actually referred me to this site and said it would be exactly what I'm looking for. So far, after reading ...
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Applying for Adroit

Hello,My character’s name is Cantabilev, a gunslinger who at the moment is my main character for pvp. I started doing a lot of PVE so I have my pve main toon which is a scoundrel healer, before I started taking a break from pve I participated in m...
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Applying for Adroit

I am Adosa a 55 Shadow formally in Envy I also have Leonarda my Gunslinger Veva my commando Odranoel my sent. Early this morning I logged on and found out that I was gkicked from Envy for not being loyal. I started to do a lot of pvp where as I on...
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Application from Gunslinger Union Member 2323

Hi Everyone,My name is Maro. I'm a Gunslinger from the Harbinger server and I'm looking for your consideration in joining your guild.I've been playing since launch and through the 6 months of hell that was called hard mode Explosive Conflict. lol...
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Applying for Adroit

Hello All,I am No'escaping Dko. Formerly the marauder Dko and also Cherrypicker, Do-not, and I'mnot-goingto. Earlier this year, my friend Fatmike and myself were looking to join our friends from the old server Chukles and Spliffy in ranked pvp. We...
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