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Please visit this thread for our current recruitment needs:

Current Needs


The core members of our guild are Harbinger originals. The foundation of the guild began in Afflicted, which dissolved and became Deadweight. After an influx of players that didn't meet the expectations that we had for the guild, we decided to form Adroit and keep a tighter lid on things.

Because of this, recruitment will not be a simple 'whisper for an invite' process. If you're applying to this guild, you need to have one of the following reasons for doing so:

1 - You actively PVP with our members on a consistent basis, and will be vouched for by said members.

2 - You're applying to join our raid team. We aren't closing our doors on this at all, so if PVE is your thing, feel free to apply (based on the terms that will be below).

3 - You're an amazing, top tier player with a solid background in competitive PVP (or even PVE).



If you're applying because you want to raid with us, know up front that we aren't your typical, structured PVE focused guild. It's something we do with a pretty set group of people each week just to clear the content. We'll probably never be at the top of the PVE brackets for the server. That's not to say that we don't have the skill to be, but we definitely lack the drive to be. However, we make solid progress with the time we put in. We typically raid once a week (even if it's progress), but sometime's we'll add an extra day if we're close to killing a new boss (NiM Kephess is a good example).

But if for some reason you still want to be a part of our raid team, talk to an officer in game before you bother submitting an application. We'll be able to tell you up front if it's a class we need at the moment. If you do choose to apply, please give us a brief history of your raiding achievements. While we're not the top raiding guild on this server, a few of our raiders have been in those guilds before (both in this game and in others). Personally, I was involved in a Top 20 world kill of every boss in World of Warcraft from Vanilla through Cataclysm. Without exception. Before that I raided in EQ, and killed every boss from Classic through GoD, typically Top 5 in the world.

So do I want a pat on the back? No, but I don't want you to waste our time either. Just because we only raid once or twice a week does not mean that we want to carry an undergeared and under experienced player through content.


We'd really prefer for our PVP applicants to seek out members of our guild and do unranked games with them. Send any of us a tell, let us know you're interested in recruiting with us and that you'd like to play some games with us to show us your stuff. Play objective based, play unorthodox as well. Show us everything you've got, and if you impress the people you play with, ask if you should apply. If they tell you yes, then congrats, submit your application.

Things to know:

- We probably won't invite you to rated warzones. At least not at first. There's a certain level of trust you need to build with our team before that happens (unless of course we're playing kickball or something).

- We won't even bother with your application if the entirety of your PVP experience is unranked warzones in SWTOR and you're sitting in unoptimized WH (or even EWH) gear.

- We're not the best pvp guild on the server, but we're one of them. There's about three good republic pvp guilds, and three good imperial pvp guilds. We're in that group. We play like we deserve to be in that group. If you can't hang at our level, then do not waste your time (or ours) applying. We aren't here to teach people how to pvp, so please come to us with knowledge and experience beforehand.

- For reference, throughout our main ranked team exists former competitive pvpers, tournament experienced players, multi-glad players, etc.


If you still feel like you deserve (and want) to apply here, then simply post an application in this forum. I'd prefer you to keep it public, but if for some reason you want to keep it hidden, feel free to PM it to me.

If you're looking for a template, you won't find one. Templates are lazy. I don't want lazy players on my team. I want creative players. So format the application however you wish. Tell us about yourself, make yourself coherent (I'm not going to comb through your application for every grammatical error I can find, because that's stupid), but don't type like a complete idiot either. Tell us about your experience - both in this game and any former games. We won't immediately spit on your application if this is your first MMO, because I've met some pretty good gamers that got their start here.


If you post an application and you're accepted as a recruit, congratulations! The way the process will work is fairly simple:

1 - You'll be given a member note with the name of the officer that recruited you (this is more for our own reasons, but it also gives you a good contact to keep up with).

2 - You'll be given a tag date (the date you joined) and a vote date (the date you'll be voted on).

3 - On your vote date (typically after 2 weeks, more if you haven't been as active as we'd like), you'll be given restricted guild chat temporarily, and the members (not the officers) of the guild will discuss your performance over the last couple of weeks. If the majority of the guild agrees that you'd be a good fit with us, we'll promote you to member.

4 - If you're especially impressive, we'll give you a shot on our rated team. If you're a good fit there as well, you'll be promoted within the guild once again to Raider/Ranked status, and will be able to enjoy the benefits of our guild bank (repairs, etc).

So that's it - good luck!
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