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#7909669 May 30, 2013 at 09:36 PM
My character’s name is Cantabilev, a gunslinger who at the moment is my main character for pvp. I started doing a lot of PVE so I have my pve main toon which is a scoundrel healer, before I started taking a break from pve I participated in many raids weekly with the guild I am in. I still participate in raids but have been shifting more towards pvp in the recent months. My gunslinger is valor rank 93 and at the moment is in almost full conqueror gear with all purple 66 augments optimized as best I can right now with the gear I can get.I am able to play with any gunslinger spec effectively although I prefer to play with my hybrid sab/df spec. I also have a sage healer, smash marauder, merc healer, smash guardian, and infiltration shadow that I pvp with all at 55 except for my shadow. I have a scoundrel healer and a dps vanguard that I use for pve.
In terms of pvp experience I have a lot of experience in regular warzones, and some in ranked warzones. I have done only about a dozen ranked warzones although most of them were losses :(, we have won a few games and even one match against a really good and well known team! I am typically the top dps on my gunslinger, and have managed to do above 1 million dps on multiple occasions with 1.5 million being the highest dps I’ve done.
I joined Covenant as it was falling apart so I was not in long enough to do anything substantial, but I was able to group with some good players and learn a little but more about pvp. I want to join a pvp guild that has good players that will be fun to run warzones with, and from what I have seen in warzones Adroit has some of the best players on the pub side. I am hoping that if given the chance to join I will be able to better myself as a pvper and while having some fun killing imps in the process! Thanks!
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